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Fourth installment: 13th of Sept 2018, 20:00, Kapelle am Urban.

With jilski (piano, visuals), Enrique Llama Vicente (clarinet/sax) and Lorenz Frevel (drums, perc).

Tickets available at the door (12€, 8€).

The strangeness event on facebook.

The "strangeness" concert experience, a monthly exploration of inner and outter space based on live music and featuring computer games of the 8-bit era.
This time featuring the Museum of Mistakes, a style of playing instruments that is out of the ordinary. Half show this, the other half our good old improvisation. Don't miss :)
Composer Jaroslaw Ilski (piano) and his changing guests find themselves entangled in a mixture of music, light and space atmosphere, delivering new compositions and improvisations each month, backed by a projection of poetic, real-time visuals based on classic space games from the 8-bit arcade and Nintendo era.

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